What is GLOW Semi-Cured UV Gel Nail Wraps?

The easiest, quickest and least damaging salon quality gel overlay in the world! GLOW UV Gel Nail Wraps promotes nail growth & healthy nails without spending a lot of money.

The main difference between semi-cured gel nails and regular artificial nails is the curing process. GLOW UV Gel Nails are 60% cured before they are applied to your nails and the remaining curing process takes place after the nail wrap is applied and cured under a LED UV lamp for approximately 60 - 120 seconds. Semi-cured gel nails is a gel overlay on your own nails and cannot be used as an extension.

GLOW UV Gel Nail Wraps can easily last 2 weeks+ and do not require any soaking off, you only need cuticle oil for removal - this causes no damage to your own nails!

How to Apply & Remove GLOW Nail Wraps


1. Prep by pushing back cuticles with wooden stick and cleaning nails with alcohol wipes.

2. Choose the correct nail wrap size.

3. Remove protective film over wrap and stick to your nails, avoiding cuticle area and overlapping on skin. Be sure to stick the wrap firmly to your nail.

4. Use a nail clipper or scissors to trim wraps to your own nails length - the wraps can only be used as an overlay and not an extension.

5. Cure under LED light for 60-120 seconds.

6. File away any leftover wrap for a smooth finish and enjoy your perfect nails!!


1. Apply cuticle oil all around the cuticle area and use a wooden stick to remove nail wraps.

2. Clean nails with alcohol wipes once wraps have been removed.